science fiction

Tender is the Flesh: the frailty and futility of being human

In Agusta Bazterrica’s dystopian novel animals are off the menu and eating people is the norm

Published: 24 July 2022
24 July 2022

Underwater (2020) explained: the devil in the detail

The significance of strong women and skimpy underwear in 2020 sci-fi horror Underwater

Published: 17 July 2022
17 July 2022

Gattaca (1997) explained: luck, ladders and the long con

Sociopath or hero? Gattaca explained

Published: 14 June 2022 | Last updated: 21 July 2022
14 June 2022

Edge of Tomorrow (2014): time loops and circles of hell

Aliens … or divine punishment?

Published: 2 May 2022 | Last updated: 6 June 2022
2 May 2022

Ex Machina (2014) explained: the empathy question

A mad, bad programmer builds a machine with a soul. What could go wrong?

Published: 19 April 2022
19 April 2022

Deconstructing Alien: Covenant

The Alien: resolution in 2017's franchise prequel

Published: 7 April 2022
7 April 2022

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