The Omen (1976) and horror’s malevolent mirror

How The Omen uses inversions to unsettle us - and why that makes for effective horror

Published: 1 August 2022
1 August 2022

Tender is the Flesh: the frailty and futility of being human

In Agusta Bazterrica’s dystopian novel animals are off the menu and eating people is the norm

Published: 24 July 2022
24 July 2022

Underwater (2020) explained: the devil in the detail

The significance of strong women and skimpy underwear in 2020 sci-fi horror Underwater

Published: 17 July 2022
17 July 2022

Top Gun: Maverick (2022) and the theatre of war

How Top Gun: Maverick brings closure to 1986's high-octane love story

Published: 27 May 2022 | Last updated: 19 July 2022
27 May 2022

They do it with mirrors: The Others (2001) explained

Exploring the inverted Gothic horror of The Others

Published: 7 May 2022
7 May 2022

The Matrix (1999): better than life?

A computer hacker wakes up to reality - but is the Matrix just another lucid dream?

Published: 22 December 2021 | Last updated: 6 June 2022
22 December 2021

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