Collateral (2004): from cowardice to control

A badass sociopath schools a taxi driver in the art of assertiveness. But there can only be one boss ...

Published: 8 August 2022
8 August 2022

Bullet Train (2022): japes on a train | Review

John Wick may have had a dog, but Bullet Train is the over-exuberant puppy

Published: 4 August 2022
4 August 2022

The Omen (1976) and horror’s malevolent mirror

How The Omen uses inversions to unsettle us - and why that makes for effective horror

Published: 1 August 2022
1 August 2022

Boiling point: 10 films about summer extremes

Films that use metaphors of sun and simmering excess to tell stories of extremes

Published: 18 July 2022
18 July 2022

Underwater (2020) explained: the devil in the detail

The significance of strong women and skimpy underwear in 2020 sci-fi horror Underwater

Published: 17 July 2022
17 July 2022

The Lost World (1997): good guys, bad guys and dinosaurs

The Lost World establishes Ian Malcolm as a flawed father - and gives him a dinosaur double

Published: 11 July 2022
11 July 2022

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