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  1. Throughout the seven seasons of BROOKLYN NINE-NINE to date all the characters retain the exact same personality (and even clothes style) as they have in S1. Gina Linetti is the only one who doesn’t. She 180s from phone-obsessed airhead to app entrepreneur … before leaving the show in S6.
  2. 1985 Michael J. Fox movie TEEN WOLF is a metaphor for puberty. He grows hairs in awkward places. He’s clumsy. He wants to fit in but feels like a freak. That means that even when he’s a hot wolf, he’s still a metaphor for teen angst. Wolves, you say? See The Grey.
  3. Is the title of 2021 space peril movie STOWAWAY a clue or a red herring? A stowaway is a person who hides away on a passenger vehicle, usually to get free travel. This could imply Michael Adams (Shamier Anderson) deliberately puts himself onboard the ship. But in a way, he’s also stowed there. As in, put away for safety until needed. By who? The film’s writers, Joe Penna and Ryan Morrison. Michael is an example of a MacGuffin, broken out of storage when it best serves the plot. That’s why we never find out exactly how he ends up in space – because it’s not important to the movie.
  4. Speaking of TEEN WOLF (1985) the classic 80s coming-of-age tale stars Michael J. Fox as puberty-bound Scott Howard. And in 2019 pyscho-thriller, Michael Ealy stars as bealegued home-owner … Scott Howard. Name shortage or hat tip?
  5. 2000 survival flick CAST AWAY sees Tom Hanks battling to stay alive after being shipwrecked, i.e., as a castaway. When he eventually makes it home, his wife has replaced him – he’s cast away all over again – making for a pretty dark alternative reading of the title.
  6. An incredibly out there interpretation of THE GOONIES (1985): Brandon Walsh (Josh Brolin) died when his bike careered over the edge of a mountain road, and the extremely unlikely events that follow are the fantastical imaginings of grieving Mikey (Sean Astin).
  7. There’s no shortage of visual puns in 1969 crime caper THE ITALIAN JOB, but the best one is the film’s last scene. They never reveal how the gang get the bus, gold or themselves out of this last scrape, so the movie ends on a cliffhanger – a literal one, seeing as the bus is balanced on the edge of a cliff. Noice.