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A novel idea | What it’s like to read a book in email instalments

Would you read a book delivered in instalments right to your inbox? I did. Here’s how it went

Published: 13 November 2022
13 November 2022

Tender is the Flesh: the frailty and futility of being human

In Agusta Bazterrica’s dystopian novel animals are off the menu and eating people is the norm

Published: 24 July 2022 | Last updated: 1 November 2022
24 July 2022

Sayaka Murata’s Earthlings and the colour of survival

Making sense of Sayaka Murata's controversial, disturbing dystopic fiction

Published: 15 April 2022 | Last updated: 10 October 2022
15 April 2022

Ambiguity of existence: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? explained

Dissecting the real and fake in the book that inspired Blade Runner

Published: 27 February 2022 | Last updated: 28 September 2022
27 February 2022

The Masque of the Red Death: Poe, pandemics and the Covid connection

Poe’s gothic tale feels like a very modern horror

Published: 16 October 2021 | Last updated: 16 August 2022
16 October 2021

The Shining: Stephen King’s classic horror explained

A deep dive into Stephen King's classic hotel horror novel

Published: 15 August 2021 | Last updated: 11 July 2022
15 August 2021